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In the manual car, it is really easy to put a car in neutral without a key in the ignition. Try to have someone inside to steer or apply brakes as needed when you are manually pushing your car or leaving it in neutral. You can also check your owner’s manual to get the right direction on how to do that. In this article, we are going to discuss the two most common processes of putting your car in neutral without your key.

Secret Process to put a car in neutral without key 

Process 1: Press the shift lock 

Engage the parking brake

For this process, you must turn the key to the on position and engage the parking brake first. This step is for your safety and avoids any movement of your vehicle when it is in the neutral position.

Locate the shift lock release button 

Now you have to look for the shift lock release button in the vehicle. It is located near the shift lever or shift dial. A small plastic panel surrounding the shifter will help you identify it quickly. You can also discover the button with the help of your user Manual.

Take off the plastic panel

After locating the button, you have to take off the plastic cover of the shift lock release tab. You can use a flathead screwdriver for that. Remove the cover very carefully and place it in a safe place not to lose it. 

Push the down or over a tab 

Then remove the cover; you will see a small tab there. Now you must push the tab down or over, depending on your car type. Confirm it from the owner’s manual. You can use a screwdriver or a key for this job. While pushing the tab, you must press the brake pedal.

Shift the lever to the neutral position

Now you have to keep holding the tab. At the same time, put the shift lever into a neutral position. Then release the tab and place the cover. And finally, remove the brake paddle. Now you can move your car without starting with a car. 

Always remember to move your car at this position; you will need a driver in the vehicle to steer the wheel and apply the brakes when you need parking.

Process 2: Disconnect the transmission cable 

Make Car wheel block

The first step to making your car neutral is to make your car wheel block. It is essential for your safety as you must go under the car for this process. Securing the wheel will protect you when it is in the neutral position. It will also keep your vehicle and anyone around you safe from unwanted incidents. Otherwise, when it gets to the neutral position, it will slide forward or backward and cause an accident and damage to you and the car.

To make your car stable in its parked position, you have to put a wheel blocker on the front and back sides of the wheel. Do the same for all four wheels of your car. 

Go under the Car to 

Now you have to go under your car. Crawl at the engine side of the vehicle as you have to locate the transmission section there. Take a flashlight with you there. This will allow you to see the car cables under there and find them easily. 

Locate the Transmission Cables

Usually, the transmission section of a car is located near the engine. Look there, and you will get it quickly. After having the area, you must identify the transmission system’s cable. There are levers and switches for connecting them. You have to disconnect the wires from their place. Simply you have to push the lever. If you hear a click sound two times tells you that it’s done correctly.  

Come out 

Now come out safely from under the car. Crawl out backward as you did when entering there. 

Try to push the car

Once you are out of there now time to check if that goes in the neutral position. To do that, you have to move the vehicle. If it makes any movement on the push, it confirms that you successfully put the vehicle in a neutral position without a key. 

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