How to reset anti theft system Cadillac DevilleHow to reset anti theft system Cadillac Deville

Last updated on October 14th, 2021 at 02:50 am

If you follow some simple instructions then you can easily get the answer of “how to reset anti theft system Cadillac Deville”. There are a few many ways which will help you to reset it. But in this article, I will guide you through just two easy processes to reset your anti-theft system.

  • Door closing process 
  • Reconnecting fuse process

Door closing process:

The door closing procedure is a very common concept for resetting an anti-theft system. Check out the following steps for making it happen. 

Step 1: Closing all the door

Close all the doors of your Cadillac DeVille by using the physical key. Make sure you did it properly. 

Step 2: Unlock driver side’s door

Unlock the driver side’s door. Now, enter your Cadillac DeVille. 

Step 3: Put the key into the ignition and move it twice

Now put the key into the ignition and move it to the on and off position twice without starting your car.

Step 4: If you see the security light is popping, then you are done

After doing these steps, you will see that your security light is popping. That means you are done with resetting your Cadillac DeVille

If the process doesn’t work, turn the key on for ten minutes until the service light flashes. Then turn it off and back on for ten minutes. Do it three times repeatedly, then start the car.

This is the basic process of resetting an anti-theft system. 

What if this process is not working?

Well, Here is another way to how to reset anti theft system Cadillac Deville ?

Reconnecting fuse process:

Well, reconnecting the fuse process is not a popular procedure to reset the system. Many people do not know about this method, except those who are related to mechanical works.

Without further ado, let’s get into the steps…..

Step: 1 Start the car: 

start the car, Then go to the car hood. 

Step: 2 Open the fuse box and find the ECM fuse: 

You need to open the car hood and find the car’s fuse box. 

Open it and look at the diagram of its lid. Now you just have to find the CTS or ECM fuse in it. 

Generally, in every Cadillac DeVille, this ECM fuse is located at the 8th position from down to up. The anti-theft fuse is known as ECM fuse. 

Step: 3 Reconnect the ECM or anti-theft fuse: 

Your last job is now reconnecting the anti-theft fuse known as ECM. Disconnect the fuse and connect it in the same place. Again you have to disconnect it and place it. Now go and check your anti-theft system. 

This is the simple way of resetting an anti-theft system. I think these two methods will be helpful to you. Just follow them and make your Cadillac DeVille safe and last longer.

If those processes are not working, then you have to replace your Cadillac’s anti-theft system. But before doing that, at least you need to try those ideas. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Is resetting the anti-theft system changed in every model of Cadillac DeVille? 

Almost every model of Cadillac DeVille’s reset procedure of the anti-theft system is the same. 

  • Is there any relationship between anti-theft and car starting? 

Not exactly. But sometimes, it looks like it happens. Sometimes the problem of the anti-theft system affects the car starting. 

  • How do I get my car out of anti-theft mode?

For deactivating the anti-theft system, you have to use the unlock button of the remote key. After that, unlock the driver’s door by using the key. Now switch the ignition button to the on position. And It’s done.

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