How to Reset Anti theft System FordHow to Reset Anti theft System Ford

Last updated on October 12th, 2021 at 03:46 pm

Can you even think of not being able to start your car when you are running out of time?

Worst yet, your car anti-theft system is not working at all!

A lot of cars suffer from anti-theft system issues. And the Ford Company is no exception here either.

In this article, i will cover how to reset Anti theft system Ford. Our aim is to provide you some to-the-point solution so that you can easily tackle your Ford’s anti theft system problem next time and kick this system on!

What is Anti theft system and how does it work?

An anti theft system is a system device in your car which is designed to deter auto theft.

It protects your car from being stolen. When we keep our car in the parking, we lock our car’s door but forget to put the mirror up close the window for which anyone can easily unlock our car by putting their hands inside. But if our car has key sensors, i.e., anti theft system, there will be started beep like sound which will increase gradually. The horn will be so loud, which will make us alert that our car is in a danger zone. 

Well, this sounds too good. But in case if this therapy works for its real owner, then obviously problem will be created. 

Accidental Performances of Anti theft System in Ford Models:

Many users of ford version like Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Ford F-150, Ford F-250, Ford Expedition, Ford Ranger, Ford Explorer, Ford Mustang, Ford Escape, Ford Edge, and so others, often complain that their cars’ anti theft light is not working and they can’t start the car. Sometimes this system automatically acts up without any issue. Like the alarm may go off or on or the flashlight starts blinking for no apparent reason. 

Here I will guide you on how to fix and rectify your problems. So, keep reading….

How to Reset Anti theft System Ford?

There are many ways to reset your Ford’s Anti-theft system problem. Here are the most effective and common solutions.

Method 1: Key Location: Inside or Outside?

It sounds a little bit ironic to you! But it is true when you will be out of your car; you should not keep your key inside or beside the car; otherwise, your key sensors will work. For this reason, anti theft system will not be working. So be sure that your key will always be with you when you keep your car in parking or anywhere.

Method 2: Check your engine wire and battery is ok or not?

I have already explained that if the anti-theft system does not work in your Ford, you will continuously hear a ‘beep’ sound when you are on your car’s ignition. Also, notice that whether your Ford’s anti-theft light is constantly flashing or not. If it will not stop, this indicates the problem lies in your engine area. This might be caused due to the disturbance in the engine system.

So to rectify this, follow some steps:

  • At first, go to your engine side and open your car’s hood. 
  • In the engine compartment, the engine wire is located on your battery’s negative side. If, for any reason, this wire becomes loose or if corrosion is accumulated here, you should clean it and tighten the connection. Hopefully, your problem will be solved. 
  • Next, open the wire’s connection. For opening this, you need a 10mm socket. So let’s open this. You will see on the top of the wire; the bolt becomes dust.
  • After that, take the bolt and clean it with sandpaper. Just rub on it with the paper. So again, fix the bolt on it and tighten the connection with your socket. Coat it with some Vaseline. 
  • If you found two ground wires side by side in the same area, clean them also. It will solve your problem. 

So next, sit in your car and start your vehicle with the key. Let’s check whether the anti theft light is blinking or not. In less than 15 minutes, you had your son Ford running.

Well done if method 2 works for you! If not, you don’t need to be worried. Here are more solutions for you.

Method 3: Check your PCM receives a ‘go’ Signal from the anti theft sensor or not

PCM means a powertrain control module that receives information from various sensors around your car. In every Ford model, there is SecuriLock or Passive Anti-theft System (PATS). When PCM or Powertrain Control Module is installed in your Ford, PATS will be successfully performed.

So install PCM in your Ford, and then look at its management. If your Ford’s PCM doesn’t receive any indication from the anti-theft system, the computer won’t enable the ignition, fuel system, or starter, so the engine won’t start when you turn the key. In addition to the ground, sometimes you have to unplug one of the cables from the PCM and then plug it back in, and it will start right up.

Method 4: Replace your Old Key battery with New One

If your car key has a button/ coin battery, make sure you change it. Sometimes anti theft system will not work because of an old key battery. Well, if you have a new one, then what to do next? Then leave the key in the on position for 10 minutes. Open the car’s windows. Once 10 minutes are gone, then your vehicle will start right up.

Still doesn’t work. Well, there are other options too. 

Method 5: Reset through Programmed Keys

To start off with, you need two originally programmed keys to complete the reset process. First of all, insert your programmed key into the ignition to turn it on. Now cycle this key back to off and remove it from the ignition lock. Within 5 seconds, insert the second programmed key and also perform the cycle repeatedly. Put the key in the off position. When the security light will turn on, remove the key. This completes the process.

Method 6: Press the Panic Button on Key Fob

The following way to fix your problem is to press the panic button on the key fob, then place the key into the ignition, and it will on. If not, then push the key two or three times. Hope the anti-theft device gets reset by this.

Well, these are all for those who have their original keys with them. 

But in case if you left or dropped your original keys, then what will you do then? Get a new one and cut it with a screwdriver or any other straight edge to match the original one. If you forget the size of your key, then contact your dealer or follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Then make your car’s key sensor believe that you are using the duplicate one. Next, insert the key into the ignition and start your vehicle.

Method 7: Disable PATS System

Last but not least, there is a way to do a PATS delete where you mail in your PCM, and the manufacturer company can fix it for you. This will disable the anti-theft system altogether if nothing else works. For some newer Ford Version, you will install the PCM and then do another quick operation which includes modifying one wire by cutting and grounding it. 

If this and other solutions are not working, contact some professional technician to make sure whether your Ford has Anti-Theft System Problem or not. There are some other reasons that prevent your car from getting started.

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