How To Reset Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive With Care? – 2 Secret Methods

Are you seeing a warning message on your vehicle’s instrument panel that the steering assist is reduced drive with care? This can be a warning for a bad power steering wheel or some other significant issue. You should go for a proper diagnosis by a professional. You should not ignore it. But steering with this message is tricky as it makes the steering wheel unresponsive. So, you should be very careful while driving with the warning.  

There is a quick fix if you do not want to drive with the message. You can reset the power steering assists for a quick fix or drive your car to the mechanic without difficulty.

Secret Methods To Resetting The Power Steering Assist System

Method 1

The first one is to deactivate the power steering system and then activate it again to reset the warning.

  • Locate the LDA button on the steering. You will see a navigation button along with an ok button there. 
  • Press and hold the LDA button on your vehicle steering wheel to enter the setting option.
  • Navigate to the LDA menu on the dashboard using the scroll button on the wheel
  • Select the steering assist option with the navigation button; this option will show you an icon like a vehicle leaving its lane. 
  • Mark on the steering assist option and press the ok button to make the steering assist off.
  • Now, wait a little while and give the computer system to reset. Then, turn the steering assist system on in your vehicle. 

Method 2 

Resetting the steering assistant can be done another way. You must turn the engine off by turning the ignition key to the “OFF” position. Wait a while to give all the electronic time to reset and start the car ignition again. Repeat the process two to three times. 

Hope these will reset the power steering assist system. If the warning is still on the board, you should go for professional help to fix why this message appears on your dashboard. For better diagnosis and fix, consult with a skilled repair person. In the meantime, you should drive carefully and be alert about the speed and braking.

The power steering wheel is one of the crucial features of a vehicle. Any issue with the steering wheel assist should not be ignored, or it can lead you to some more significant problems with life-threatening events.

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