How To Reset Transfer Case Control ModuleHow To Reset Transfer Case Control Module

Last updated on October 12th, 2021 at 03:48 pm

The transfer case control module (TCCM) is a combined transmission controller and transfer case controller. The TCCM controls the operation of the transmission, transfer case, low range 4WD, and electronic differential lock. But you’d have to ask yourself, “How will I know if I need to reset my car’s transfer case control module?”

If you have problems with your Jeep experiencing shifting issues or if it’s having trouble disengaging the lockers/hubs, I would recommend resetting the transfer case control module (TCCM). Also as a rule of thumb, check if your Jeep is under warranty because if it is, you are entitled to a checkup by professionals using Chrysler factory diagnostic tools.

You wouldn’t want to dip your feet into the waters if you don’t need to, would you?

If you’re not under warranty and would like to proceed with the operation, here is a step-by-step procedure that I’d recommend to everyone.

Let’s dive in…..

How To Reset Transfer Case Control Module?

Step 1:

With Jeep in Park, turn the ignition off and remove the key from the ignition switch. Open the driver’s door and press the lock button on the transmitter twice within five seconds. Close the door.

Step 2:

Within five seconds, turn the ignition switch to ON and then back to OFF four times. While turning the ignition key to the OFF position, press the lock button on your transmitter once.

Step 3:

Press the RESET button located underneath the driver’s side of the instrument panel pad and hold for more than 1 second.

Step 4:

Turn ignition switch to ON position and then back to OFF two times.

Step 5:

Press the lock button on your transmitter, while turning the ignition key to the OFF position.

Step 6:

After you reset the transmission control module, the CHECK TRANS message should disappear from your DIC display and the light under the RESET button will stop flashing.

Step 7:

Turn ignition key to ON position and then back to OFF once. This completes the resetting process. If the CHECK TRANS message still appears, continue troubleshooting.

Hope you got the easiest process of how To Reset Transfer Case Control Module.

If problems persist, I’d recommend that you have a professional technician diagnose the issue. The TCCM as well as all other components of the transmission and transfer case are very sensitive to errors.

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