Modern cars come with a built-in climate control system. Some may think the AC or climate control system only works to keep the car cool in the hot weather. But the AC system can also keep you warm in a cold freeze temperature for a comfortable ride. 

Your car heater generates heat to the passenger cabin by directing the coolant that flows through the engine, radiator, and hoses to the heater core. Your heater core blows the air through your vents. The only difference between an Air conditioner and a heater is that the heater in your car blows air over a hot heater core rather than a cool evaporator core. Following a few simple steps, you learn how to turn on the heater in your car.

5 Simple Steps To Turning On The Heater In A Car

  • Shut down the car doors and windows
  • Turn the engine on
  • Locate the heater control knob or button
  • Set the temperature as you want
  • Turn the fan on

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Shut down the car doors and windows 

Before turning on the car heater, you must prepare for that. The first thing that you need to do is to close every door and window of your car. This will keep your car’s interior from getting colder and allow the vehicle to warm faster. Also, in this way, it keeps the heat inside and does not let it escape. 

Turn the engine on

A car heater may not work until the car engine gets warmed. So to start your car’s heater now, you have to start the engine and let it idle. How long it will take to warm up depends on how cold the temperature outside of the car is. 

Locate the heater control knob or button 

Then to turn on the heater, you must find the knob or button. In most cars, you will see the heater button on either the middle or lower part of the car dashboard. You can recognize the button with the fan icon on it. If it buttons to turn the heater, you have to push it. On the other hand, for a knob, you have to flip it.

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Set the temperature as you want

If the start knob has a number around it starting from zero to a higher number, then you can adjust the desired temperature of the heater with this varied knob by turning it to a higher number. Some may have one or two more knobs to adjust the temperature. A car with only a driver-side climate control system has one more knob. Turning the knob clockwise will allow you to increase the temperature, and turning anti-clockwise will lower the temperature. 

On the other hand, the cars with a dual-zone climate control system will have two knobs or buttons to control the heat for the driver and passenger sides separately. Also, for digital vehicles with a digital display control system, you can adjust the temperature on display. The temperature may change from zero to a maximum of 28°.

Turn the fan on

Now you have to turn the heater on if there is a button; you just have to push the button. Otherwise, for a knob, you have to flip it. Turning the fan on will allow the heat to distribute all over the car cabin. The fan does not make any change that you recently have set on. You can adjust the fan from low speed to higher speed. That will blow the hot air at a rate as it is set and make the car warm. 

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