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Car keys are fundamental, even if they are less expensive. So when you are determined to protect them, there are many ways to protect them from theft. You can use a car key safe, or you can use a car keyguard. The theft of the car is an unpardonable crime.

In addition to the person who lost his car, he knows better what it’s like when tragedy strikes. So taking the necessary steps to stop this kind of fault is mandatory. You can take help from the electronic device to amplify the key’s signal and open your car’s locks.

For more data about how to protect your car keys from being stolen or lost, read this article.

Key Fob Protector  

Key fob protector refers to keyguard protection of your vehicles, whether you have a car, van or tractor. The key fob protector usually comes in various functions. They are designed and function to protect the keys from loss or theft. Yearly there are 8.5 million cars sold without any keyless protection in the U.S.A. So it’s really wonderstruck to you and we must advise you to grab a one for you today. 

How Does Key Fob Protector Work? 

The single key protector blocker drives the key fob protector. While you mistakenly hang the key inside the car, the blocker perceives the theft to access the vehicle’s personal identity. It’s an excellent source to protect the vehicle from relay theft.

On the other hand, key fob protector makes a reliable place to secure them. More specifically, you use the phone case to retain it safe. Unlike the key protector case works similarly. 

The blessings of technology also come in variant sizes and styles and textures. Besides, protect your vehicle from dropping, splashing, scratches; using this sort of fob has no bounds. In markets and retailing shops, there are more than 250 thousand options you will be able to find. Both of them look so stylish and, yes, too adorable to hang on your waist belt or hand. 

What Materials And Functions They’re Be Find Of? 

Solid materials are the main aspects that we don’t want to compromise while buying any products. Most key fob materials are made with leather, silicone, metal and carbon fiber. The leather-made fob seems like a tiny purse bag that we usually use to carry on hanging out. A keyring is attached to its top by which you can store it in any place. Again the silicone-made key fobs and rubber-made key fobs are very soft and outstanding to look at. 

Carbon fiber is another material that increases the secure pavement to store the key instantly. These fob keys’ ultra-thin, soft, tough, and stylish functions are really worth buying. 

They come in different colors and different key protector cases. Key fob protector is highly compatible with indulging in many vehicle models, including Camry, Highlander, Rav4, Corolla, Avalon, Prius etc.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Key Inside A Key Fob For A Remote Start Vehicle? 

Key fob being used to transfer the automobile data through a transponder chip and a sender. Somehow if the key battery is dead inside the fob, your vehicle failed to detect the car door. In that case, you need to open up or take out the mechanical key to disclose its entrance. 

Later on, some vehicles are found without any ignition lock. They only just bear the start or stop buttons. Anyway, it’s a good choice to purchase any electrical key fobs instead of batteries. In short, the key fob inside the key will allow your door to lock securely. 

Some Renowned Brands Of key Fob Protector 

How to Protect Your Car Keys from Being Lost or Stolen

Protecting your car keys is significant. You can lose your car keys, and you can also have them stolen. If you lose your car keys, you will not drive your car. If someone steals your car keys, they can use them to steal your vehicle. There are many ways to protect your car keys from being lost or stolen.

1st Way- Carry Spare Set Of Car Keys

The first way is always to carry a spare set of car keys with you. If you lose your car keys, you can use the extra stage to drive your car home. Another excellent prevention is to keep a spare set of keys at home. This way, if someone steals your car keys, you can use the extra stage to drive your car home.

2nd Way- Carry A Cell Phone With You

This is the way you always have to carry a cell phone with you. If you lose your car keys, you can call someone to pick you up and take you home. You can also call a locksmith to open your car. This is not the best option, but it is a good backup plan.

3rd Way- Carry A Spare Key

Carrying a spare key is the third option. Auto parts stores and hardware stores usually have them. You can also obtain one from a locksmith. Keep the car in a blocking pouch. It is a vital aspect of a keyless car. In that case, ensure the keys are kept away from the Windows and doors safely. So cover those car keys in a tin, small box, or bag.

4th Way- Don’t Put Them In The Same Place

Fourth, if you have a spare key, it is essential to remember where you put it. Many people put their spare keys in the same place every time, and then they forget where they put them. If you do this, you may have to pay a locksmith to open your door for you. It is better to buy a new key if you lose yours.

5th Way- Change The Directions

Fifth, You should not keep the same key on multiple locks. This is a bad idea because you will have to replace one of the keys if you lose one of the keys. It is better to get a new key made for each lock.

6TH WAY- Put A Key Hidden Outside

Sixth, if you want to open your door in an emergency, make sure you have a key hidden outside. This will allow you to get back into your house if you lose your keys inside or lock them in the door.

7th Way- Looking For A Locksmith

If you have just shifted into a new house, ensure you change the locks. If you have not changed the waves in a long time, someone may have a key to your home. This can be dangerous.

So the seventh essential way is looking for a locksmith. Chat with your friends and family for recommendations. There are many locksmiths out there, and it is essential to find one you can trust. Consult with family, friends, and coworkers for recommendations.

Ask them if they are a member of the Associated Locksmiths of America. This organization has strict standards for its members, and they will only accept locksmiths who have undergone extensive training.

Again, try to maintain some advanced techniques to take as extra protection.

● Ensure that you lock the car completely
● Store the key in a secured location
● Purchase any key signal blocking case to prevent thefts from tracking its signal
● Park the car in the garage if you’ve
● Place a car cover over it and make it harder to get into.

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Keyless Entry Car Test By Thatcham

In 2019, Thatcham had decided to test over some cars to ensure the security rating for keyless entry car models. They also checked how they performed against any relay car. The following table lists the results.

Keyless Entry Car ModelPass Or FailSecurity Ratings
Audi E-tronPassSuperior
BMW-1 series / 7-series / 8-seriesPassSuperior
BMW X-6 / X-7PassSuperior
Ford PumaPassSuperior
Jaguar XEPassSuperior
Land Rover EvoquePassSuperior
Mercedes B-ClassPassSuperior
Porsche 911PassSuperior
Porsche MacanPassSuperior
Volkswagen PassatPassSuperior

Passed Car Models Of Keyless Vehicles

There are the passed car models that are given below. Those are secure without using any protection.

Keyless Entry Car ModelPass Or FailSecurity Rating
DS3 CrossbackFailPoor
Ford MondeoFailPoor
Kia ProCeedFailPoor
Lexus UXFailPoor
Hyundai NexoFailPoor
Mazda 3FailPoor
Toyota CorollaFailPoor
Toyota RAV-4FailPoor
Volvo V60FailPoor

Tricks To Follow To Protect The Car Keys

Follow these below-advanced tips to combat those unprecedented troubles and keep your car safe.
Put them in a metal box

You can put your car keys in a metal box and then place the box inside another larger container. For example, you could put your keys in a metal box and then place that box inside a plastic container.

Put them in the freezer

People use this prevalent method to keep their car keys safe from thieves. If you put your car keys in the freezer, they will be very hard to cut. The only way that a thief can get your keys is if they break into your house and steal them from the freezer.

The idea behind this method is that it will take too long for a thief to try and cut through the ice and steal your keys.

Hide Your Car Keys Under The Mat

This is another popular method that people use to keep their car keys safe from thieves. If you hide your car keys under the mat, they will be very hard to find.

You can only get your keys if they are under the mat.

Get The Windows Etched

This is another one of those ideas that seem so simple but are incredibly effective. Getting the windows etched will minimize the struggle of these concerns strategically. This term is typically made in a way to avoid it being stolen. At first, etch the last seven digits of the car, which is known as the car identity number. You can glue the registration number on Windows, headlights, and mirrors. The thief cannot amplify the key’s signal from the front door and unlock the door by doing this. Again, it’s tough for him to alter your vehicles’ individuality.


1. How can you protect your car keys?

Avoid distractions: stop reading and texting and other activities that might take your attention away from the parking lot and your belongings. Updating the car software, installing CCTV in the garage, and GPS tracking are effective ways to protect your car from any unpredictable danger.

2. What should I do if my car is broken into?

Lock up your keys as soon as possible so that no one can access them. Ignoring this vulnerability very likely means your car will be broken into again.

3. How Do I Protect My Car Key Fob?

To protect the car key fob, grab a little metal. You can achieve this by wrapping the key fob is a small piece of aluminum. It will block the electromagnetic signals of the fob. By this, you will get a relay box to pick them up.

Final Wrap

To conclude, protecting the critical lock entirely relies on the tricks. It depends on you how tactfully you hit a plan to protect it. So go straight to whatever you like to do. Learning how to protect your car keys helps, in the long run, to prevent unwanted inconvenience, too.

You may be afraid to think that the key may unnecessarily steal or steal. But taking proper steps and precautions can help you to avoid such situations. Lastly, navigate the menus on the dashboard screen to look for the update option. Updating the car software also minimizes the problem.

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