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The Kia Sorento is an average-sized SUV that is perfect for families. It has a sporty design and advanced driver-assistance features, ideal for long drives. 

The Sorento comes with an excellent infotainment package deal which includes a stereo, Apple Car Play, and Android Auto Connectivity. 

If you plan to purchase a Kia Sorento, you might want to know about Kia Sorento Reliability and other factors. 

How Long Do Kia Sorentos Last?

A Kia Sorento can be expected to last for about 150,000 to 200,000 miles, or even more, with factory-recommended maintenance and smooth driving. 

In the past, Kia had a lousy reputation for longevity. Still, the company has since improved its engineering and quality control, for which most of the vehicles now offer exceptional durability and longevity. 

Maintain your Sorento according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and avoid issues from forming to the essential components to help your Sorento last 200,000 miles. 

Kia Sorento Reliability: Are Kia Sorento reliable Cars?

As stated by J.D. Power, the Kia Sorento is a pretty reliable car. The 2021 model of Kia Sorento is rated at 82 out of 100 in reliability. 

All the other previous models of the Sorento also received impressive ratings from J.D. Power. 2020 and 2019, Sorento got 82 out of 100 scores each. 

However, Consumer Reports did not find the Sorento so reliable. The 2020 model of Sorento only received 1 out of 5, and the 2021 model received 3 out of 5 for reliability.

Reliability Ratings of Kia Sorento and Other Vehicles 

Car Models

Reliability Ratings
Kia Telluride


Chevrolet Traverse


Toyota Highlander


Mazda CX-9


Subaru Ascent

Honda Pilot


Hyundai Palisade

Kia Sorento


Ford Explorer

GMC Acadia


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How Long Does the Kia Sorento Last Compared to Similar Vehicles?

Here, we will compare the longevity of Kia Sorento with its competitors. 

Kia Sorento vs. Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is a full-size crossover SUV introduced in 2002, manufactured by Honda. 

The Honda Pilot can be expected to last for approximately 200,000 to 250,000 miles with proper care, which is more than the anticipated miles from a Sorento. 

The annual maintenance cost for a Honda Pilot is $542 on average and for the Kia Sorento is $533. 

RepairPal rates the Honda Pilot 3.5 out of 5 while the Kia Sorento receives 4 out of 5 in terms of reliability. 

J.D. Power scores the Honda Pilot 82 out of 100, whereas the Kia Sorento gets 81 out of 100. 

Even though reliability ratings for both cars are similar, the Pilot is more prominent in size than the Sorento.

Kia Sorento vs. Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is an average-size crossover SUV introduced in 2000 by Toyota. 

Miles expected from a Toyota Highlander is as high as 300,000 miles which is much higher than expected from a Kia Sorento. 

The annual maintenance and service cost for a Highlander is $489 and for a Sorento is $533 on average.

The reliability rating for both the Sorento and Highlander is 4 out of 5 as per RepairPal. 

According to J.D. Power, the Kia Sorento scores 81 out of 100, and Toyota Highlander gets 83 out of 100 for quality and reliability. 

The Toyota Highlander offers more seating space than the Kia Sorento, so it is a better choice if you need a vehicle to accommodate many passengers. 

Kia Sorento vs. Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder series of sport utility vehicles was launched in 1985 and manufactured by Nissan. 

A Nissan Pathfinder can easily last up to 250,000 to 300,000 miles before needing major repairs. 

The Pathfinder’s service and maintenance costs are $542 on average, just $9 more than the maintenance cost for a Kia Sorento.

According to RepairPal, Pathfinder scores 3.5 out of 5, and Sorento gets 4 out of 5 in terms of reliability. 

J.D. Power scores both Sorento and Pathfinder 81 out of 100 for quality and reliability. 

The Nissan Pathfinder has more seating space than the Kia Sorento.

Comparison Chart

Car ModelsKia SorentoHonda PilotToyota Highlander

Nissan Pathfinder

Expected Miles150,000 to 200,000 miles200,000 to 250,000 miles300,000 miles

250,000 to 300,000 miles

Annual Maintenance Cost$533$542$489


RepairPal Ratings



J.D. Power Scores



Price Range

Starts from $29,590Starts from $37,580Starts from $35,205

Starts from $33,410

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Does the Kia Sorento Rust Easily?

The Kia Sorento starts forming rust after about 3 to 4 years of production. As per Kia Sorento’s owners, corrosion usually begins around the tailgate. 

Kia provides a 5-year limited anti-perforation warranty so that the company will cover the cost for any problems related to rust within this period. 

However, once the warranty period is over, customers may have to pay a hefty amount for rust-related issues depending on the severity of corrosion. 

Best and Worst Years for the Kia Sorento

Just like any other vehicle, the Kia Sorento has had its fair share of good and bad years of performance. 

Best Years 

The 2018 model of Sorento is the best model year as it got several high-reliability ratings from some well-known companies. 

Consumer Reports rated the 2018 model 4/5 for reliability, and J.D. Power scored it 84 out of 100, the highest rating ever awarded to any Kia Sorento model. 

The 2018 model is highly rated due to its luxurious interior, comfortable ride, and high-tech features. It also has heated seats and provides a sound-proof ride. 

Worst Years

According to Car Complaints, the 2016 model of Sorento is the worst model year due to the highest number of complaints amongst all Sorento variants. 

The most severe complaint about the 2016 Sorento was engine failure. Drivers found it hard to increase the speed while on the highway. 

The 2012 model had high repair costs and issues that appeared at lower mileage. Most cases were related to engine failures. 

Kia Sorento Model Years and Reliability Ratings 

Kia Sorento Model Years

Reliability Ratings
2003 Kia Sorento Reliability


2004 Kia Sorento Reliability

2005 Kia Sorento Reliability


2006 Kia Sorento Reliability

2007 Kia Sorento Reliability


2008 Kia Sorento Reliability

2009 Kia Sorento Reliability


2010 Kia Sorento Reliability

2011 Kia Sorento Reliability


2012 Kia Sorento Reliability

2013 Kia Sorento Reliability


2014 Kia Sorento Reliability

2015 Kia Sorento Reliability


2016 Kia Sorento Reliability

2017 Kia Sorento Reliability


2018 Kia Sorento Reliability

2019 Kia Sorento Reliability


2020 Kia Sorento Reliability

2021 Kia Sorento Reliability


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Is the Kia Sorento Expensive to Maintain? 

The average cost of maintaining a Kia Sorento is $533 per year, lower than the average cost of retaining a mid-size SUV, $573.  So, Kia Sorento vehicles are not expensive to maintain.



AC Condenser Replacement


AC Compressor Replacement


AC Evaporator Replacement


Air Conditioning Refrigerant Line Replacement

Air Conditioning Receiver Drier Assembly Replacement


Drive Belt Idler Pulley Replacement

AC Recharge


Serpentine Belt Replacement


How Long Does the Kia Sorento Brake Pads Last? 

With proper maintenance, Kia Sorento brake pads will last between 30,000 to 70,000 miles. 

Avoid harsh braking to make your brake pads last longer. Heavy traffic is another reason which wears out your vehicle’s brake pads.

According to RepairPal, Kia Sorento brake pads usually cost $204 to $221.

How Long Does the Kia Sorento Transmissions Last? 

Most Kia Sorento transmissions can be expected to last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles. So, you might not have to replace the transmission within the lifespan of your vehicle. 

Fluid leaks or lethargic acceleration indicates that your vehicle’s transmission needs assistance

How Long Does the Kia Sorento Tires Last?

The Kia Sorento tires will last up to 50,000 miles before forming wear and tear. If the tires’ sidewalls break apart, the tires need to be replaced. 

Rotating the tires often is going to retain them longer, most likely. Turning them twice a year is also sufficient.

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Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Kia Sorento

  • Use good quality parts and fluids.
  • Avoid off-roading and harsh braking.
  • Limit short trips which do not let the battery cool down completely. 
  • Replace the faulty components with high-quality parts. 
  • Rotate the tires every 5,000 miles. 
  • Keep your vehicle in a garage to protect it from unknown objects. 
  • Ask your mechanic to inspect the car immediately if it displays any warning signals.
  • Wash your car often to get rid of dirt and debris, leading to rust and corrosion.

We hope this article has helped you with questions regarding a Kia Sorento.

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