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High-performance vehicles need a different type of oil than conventional vehicles. You can know all the technicalities from the experts. It leaves an impact on the major service cost.

If you have Diesel engines with four to eight cylinders, you may spend extra maintenance. Air, oil, and the fluid level of a car will affect costs too.

Severe problems necessitate higher maintenance expenditures which can be prohibitively expensive for the owner. If these problems are not addressed, the car may become unsafe.

Your car will be subjected to many inspections to extend its efficiency and prevent difficulties by correcting them. The more expensive car requires expensive major service.

According to experts, you have to pay $200 and $300 for a big car major service.

Besides, you can service your simple car at an affordable price. $250 is enough for a simple car major service.

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You must be wondering – What Factors Can Affect The Major Service costs? As we know, the more a car is driven and the older it becomes, the more difficult it is to maintain. The cost of the service components is also higher, and the number of kilometers driven affects the price.

More distance driving means that wear-and-tear is an issue. It will result in a price increase. It is how mileage might affect the cost of car service.

The cost might seem expensive to many of the readers. But you have to know a few things about the cost. When a car comes for service, the cost starts from there. The mechanics who give their time need a charge for their work. The cost is called labor cost.


Average cost

Brake pad replacement


Transmission replacement


Windshield replacement


Brake pad and rotor replacement 


Also, the tools the mechanics use in the service; have a different cost. The washing and finishing need a separate cost section. By completing all these, your money is divided into various parts. And this costs a bit higher than a minor car service.

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