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Like humans, cars need care and proper maintenance to live long. Regular car maintenance can identify minor problems before they turn into major ones.

Scheduled maintenance helps in the early detection of issues that could later become costly. Take your car to service to make sure that essential checks if you want peace of mind during driving.

Regular servicing history will be a great investment when it comes time to sell your car. To find the answer, What is included in major car services? you have to go through the whole article.

What is included in Major Car Service?

Before our prime concern, we have to know what the major service means. The major service is replacing the transmission and differential oils of the car and more. The oils lubricate the ring and pinion gears that carry power. The power is from the driveshaft to the wheel axles. It works as a major service car.

You can also check and replace brake and clutch fluid. And you can adjust tappet clearance to ensure that the most critical components remain in good working order. It’s also the time to inspect and replenish wheel-bearing grease. The service does not finish here. There are other things that the major service does for the car.

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A Major Car Service does a rigorous and exhaustive checklist process. Such as-

  • The radiator’s condition.
  • Air filter
  • Seat belts
  • Fuel cap’s status.
  • External Locks and hinges
  • All mirrors’ condition.
  • The license plate.
  • Refill the gearbox fluid reservoir.
  • Examine the drive belt’s condition.

The car major service not only covers the above tasks but also provides extra facilities. Such as, inspecting the car from top to bottom, evaluating the car for scratches and dents, and checking the pedals for squeaks. In addition to the actual body repair, the major car service examines all car components.

Also, the service checks all hinges and locks and oils them in the necessary amount. The service lubricates the components of your automobile. It cleans the engine and vehicle from top to bottom.

It does the cleaning for all the parts of the automobile. For the cleaning process, the mechanics use different and specialized tools. The mechanic will also inspect the timing belt based on miles or years.

These are the foremost responsibilities that fall under the major car service. Some of us might get confused between the major and minor car services. According to your need, you will do one of the services if you have a clear idea.

It is now hassle-free for you to differentiate between them. A minor service usually includes changing the oil and oil filter. It also checks all fluids, belts, hoses, filters, and brakes.

The minor car service lubricates the chassis if it hasn’t been factory sealed. The service will also include a visual inspection of all lights, windshield washer and coolant levels, brake fluid level and color, and power steering fluid level.

In most shops, they will also check your tire pressure. And they rotate your tires if the manufacturer recommends them.

By wrapping up, we can identify the major difference between these two car services- the major service will give a full coverage service where the minor service limits itself for providing services to the automobile.

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