Does your car make weird noises after rain? Is the sound continuous? Does the sound get louder the faster the car gets?

There are a few reasons your car might make weird noises after it rains. It could be because water has gotten into the engine. Water can cause the engine to misfire, making a strange noise. It could be that your brakes are wet and need to be dried off. Another possibility is that your tires are slipping on wet pavement. If you’re not sure what the problem is, take your car to a mechanic and have it checked out.

Reasons Behind Making Weird Noise After Rain

Wet Break

You may have experienced that noise during the rain because of the break. When the break gets exposed to rainwater, the brake disc and pad get a layer of rust on the surface of the brake, making a loud noise. When the brake components are grinding with each other, this may not cause major harm to the car break.

This problem will fix over time when it gets dried. If you still find the noise annoying, you can buy a new brake disc and pad and replace the old rusted one. Avoid noise during rain if you choose a quality one that will not rust.

The Belt

Mostly the car makes weird noises if the belt gets of the engine get wet. Belts are made of rubber. When the belt gets wet, it can lose its tension, slip, and make a high-pitched noise. In most cases, after running the engine a few times, it gets warmed up and stops making that noise.

If that does not stop and make noise whenever it rains, the belt may have lost its tension or been damaged. It needs to be tightened or replaced. It’s very simple to replace the belt at home with a few tools. Suppose you cannot make the replacement, then go for professionals. They will replace it effortlessly within a short time.

The Exhaust

This noise can also happen because of the exhaust of the car. During driving, the car exhaust stays hot. But in the rain, the underside comes in contact with the rainwater and becomes cool. This can cause the exhaust to change the exhaust note and provide loud, weird noise. You will no longer hear this type of sound in the dry season.

The Engine

When you are driving a car in the rain, you may hear noise from the engine. It is possible that during driving through the rain, the water is sucked into the engine and causes damage to the internal parts like the heat shield of the engine.
You should go for maintenance of the car and check the engine by a professional if there is any major damage in the engine.


After all the inspection and fixing, it can be the car’s tires if it still makes noise. You should check if all four tires are the same size and brand. Some tires make noise in the rain but not in the dry weather. Also, you can check the wheel speed sensor to ensure all the wheels have the same speed. The imbalance of speed among the four tires can cause a weird sound too. If all of that is ok, then you can make a professional inspection of the anti-brake lock system.