How to Clean Car Cover

Recently updated on July 15th, 2022

People usually buy car covers to protect their cars from the bad weather. The sun’s UV radiation can severely damage your car. Snow and rain contain a lot of moisture that harms your car’s finish. Your car’s interior and paint may be damaged without a car cover.

Moreover, the car cover protects your car from dirt, dust, and any scratch in the garage. Your mood will automatically cheer up when you find the car is clean without any scratches from using the car cover. If you want to protect your favorite car, car covers have no alternative. The foremost step in taking care of the car cover is cleaning it. Most car owners do not know how to clean the car cover.

Simple Steps On How to Clean Car Cover

  • Step 1: Cover your car
  • Step 2: Use water and soap
  • Step 3: Clean the cover
  • Step 4: Soak the cloth in soap

Let us discuss in detail what will you need –


  • Cloth
  • Bucket


  • Water
  • Mild Soap

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Step 1: Cover your car

Do not be surprised. You can not wash the cover like any other cloth. So, the best way to clean your car cover is to put the car cover on the automobile. You must try to cover the car from every side so water or soap can not reach the vehicle.

Step 2: Use water and soap

The cleaning process comes with simple materials. For washing the car cover, you will need a bucket of water and soap. Considering the type of the water might be cold or warm. But try to avoid too much hot water. Now comes the soap. The harsh chemicals in the soap can destroy the color of the cover. So, you have to use mild properties soap. Otherwise, it can fade the color of your car cover.

Step 3: Clean the cover

Wash the car cover carefully. To wash the dirt, you can use a cloth. For this, you must use a microfiber cloth. This cloth is delicate and can not leave any permanent strain on the cover.

Step 4: Soak the cloth in soap

Now you have to use soap to clean the cover. As soap contains chemicals, they can affect the cover texture. So, be careful while washing with soap. Do not use soap or water for a long time.

Do Car Covers Ruin Paint?

The cover protects your car, but there is a possibility of leaving a spot on the car’s surface. So, while wrapping the car cover or taking out the car cover, you need to be careful. Otherwise, you can risk your car paint.

How Long Does It Take A Car Cover To Dry?

When you clean the cover, it takes some time to dry. The time is a maximum of six hours. After six hours, the car cover will be fully dry. If not, do not take out your car. Let the car cover dry completely. Or the remaining water on the car cover will attract more dirt. As a result, the whole process of cleaning will go in vain.

Should I Use A Car Cover In The Winter?

Though the car has no parts that have life, the winter can dangerously affect some automobile parts. Whether you use a car cover or not, it is a must to use it in the winter season. You can save your car from freezing in the winter.

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