We all know that exhaust tips are decorative. It’s better to have Chrome exhaust tips than black exhaust tips because chrome is easier to keep clean.

The cleaning process of chrome exhaust tips is easy to handle at home if you have all the necessary Equipment. You will be able to do it yourself without any professional help. Let’s go through the process.

Best Ways To Clean Chrome Exhaust Tips

The Equipment you need

  • Hose and running water
  • Bucket
  • Wheel cleaning brush
  • Car soap 
  • Microfiber towels
  • Automotive metal polish
  • 0000-grade automotive steel wool 
  • Degreaser 
  • Blackfire all-metal 
  • Gloves
  • Old shirt

Steps of Cleaning Chrome Exhaust Tips

  • Step1: Park your car in a suitable place
  • Step2: Let the tips cool
  • Step3: Prepare yourself 
  • Step4: Clean tips with soapy water
  • Step5: Apply degreaser 
  • Step6: Wipe out with automotive steel wool
  • Step7: Apply metal polish

Park your car in a suitable place

Before you start your action, you should park your car in a well-ventilated area with enough space to work.

Let the tips cool

Stop the car engine and let the exhaust tips of your car be cool enough to touch. On the other hand, you will get burnt with the hot tip touch.

Prepare yourself 

Before you start cleaning, you must prepare for cleaning and keep yourself out of the mess from the tips to build up carbons. You can wear any old t-shirt or apron on your clothes to keep them clean. Do not forget to wear gloves to protect your hand skin from dirt and all the chemical harm. 

Clean tips with soapy water

Take a bucket that you usually use for cleaning your wheels. Put some water in that bucket and some car wash soap. Use a microfiber cloth to soak it in the soap water and scrub the tips with it. You can also use a wheel cleaning brush to properly clean the inside and outside of the pipe. Rinse the soap with water. Then dry it out with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. This process is very messy so try not to touch the rag or the brush with the car paint. That can make black soot left and do damage to the paint.

Apply degreaser 

If there is so much dirt and grime not removed by simple, soapy water, you can apply some wheel cleaner or degreaser. Let the degreaser work for a while on dirt. After that, with the help of a wheel cleaning brush, start agitating in and outside the pipe. Clean the soap with water well. Then dry the tips with a clean, dry cloth properly.

Wipe out with automotive steel wool

Now it’s time for that brat carbon buildup or scratches on the chrome or stainless steel tips to go. This is the most effective way to wipe out all the dirt and scratches. Apply some 0000-grade steel wool to the ends. Then Reapply your wheel cleaner and leave it for a minute or two. After that, rub all the tips properly and give each of them enough time to break down the dirt. It will be better for cleaning off all the carbon contaminants. Rinse down all the dirt with a dry microfiber cloth.

Apply metal polish

You must apply the metal polish to restore the old shine and metal-like finish. Take some polish on your fingertips and apply it to the tips covering the whole tips and give it time to set as recommended on the package of the metal polish. Then remove the polish with the help of a microfiber cloth.

Now you can see the exhaust tips of your car are shining like the new ones.

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