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Knowing your car’s specific make and model is the first important thing you need to do when buying your car engine. You need to understand what type of engine best meets your needs for economy, power, reliability and durability. So take a knowledgeable friend or car mechanic to explain what you need.

If your car engine gets damaged and needs to be replaced, you should consider a few facts when buying a car engine. 

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Simple Steps To Buying Your Car Engine

  • Go for a Certified Seller
  • Check Compatibility
  • Check Mileage
  • Check Long or short block
  • Working properly
  • ECU chips installation
  • Check Warranty

Go for a Certified Seller

You should not go to any junk years to purchase a car engine. You should look for a reliable and reputable automobile parts seller for a quality engine. Also, research the reputation, reviews, and certificates. You can research online for information on a reliable seller. 

Check Compatibility 

To replace your car engine, you do not have to choose the same model and branded one you previously had. But the engine you are choosing should be compatible with your vehicle. Look into your owner manual to know the information about your previous and compatible one. Also, you can go to an esparto to know which engine model will be compatible with your vehicle.

Check Mileage 

The mileage is one of the most important things you should check before buying an engine. It refers to how long the engine will go and if the motor is worth the asking price.

The engines with higher mileage will cost you low, and you must get another replacement early. On the other hand, you will get a machine with lower mileage for a little higher price, but that will give you a safer and longer service life. The mileage depends on the age of the engine too. On average, a car has 10,000 miles per year.  

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Check Long or short block

You also should know whether the engine is a long block or a short block engine. If you choose a long block engine, you should know that you will need to replace the whole engine, including cylinder heads, camshafts, valves, valve springs, and an intact head gasket. Long block engines return the damaged machine and cannot be repaired. When it comes to replacing the whole engine, it’s a little pricey. But the installation is relatively easy and needs a short time.

On the other hand, if the engine is almost fine and few parts replacements will give its life back, you can go for a short-block engine. You only need to replace the damaged part of the engine. As you do not need to replace the whole, you can save some money, but the process is time-consuming.

Working properly

Whether the engines you have to choose work or not is a big question. Do not go only with the look of the machine. You should buy one after confirming it’s working correctly. Look for the test document to know this information. You can also have a professional inspection for that. If you are a mechanic or have the knowledge, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, go for an experienced certified technician to check performance. 

ECU chips

While buying and installing a new engine on your vehicle, do not forget to install an ECU chip if it’s impossible for you to customize the engine. It will help get the full power out of the engine cost-effectively. The ECU chip is also called a performance chip. 


Looking for a warranty while purchasing an engine, new or used, is very important. If you buy it from a certified dealer, most of them will offer you a 30-day startup warranty. You should check if the dealers provide any warranty. If yes, how long will that last, and what will it cover. Also, do not forget to get a warranty card with the receipt. It will help you return the engine if you find the motor not working after purchase.

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